Robin Cerámica

Artisan Ceramic Workshop

Robin Cerámica is a craft ceramics workshop located in Zaragoza with the aim of creating artistic objects tailored to the needs of our clients We invite artists and artisans and anyone who wants to visit us to share with us the experience of creating.

Robin Cerámica

The Robin Cerámica workshop was founded in 2014 when two sisters, Belén and Mercedes Plou, united in our passion for ceramics in a common project.

Belén Plou

Technical Architect by profession. My work has given me a way of doing perfectionist and meticulous ceramics, both in the design of works and the organization of work, and in the study of enamels.

Mercedes Plou

Biologist. My passion for nature is reflected in the works and even in the logo. I like adventure and research and I bring to this twinning a more intuitive and experimental character.

We both have ceramics studies in different schools and we have managed to combine what we have learned over the years. We have received training in various courses: lathe, modeling, decoration, enameling and other mural techniques courses at the Muel Ceramic School Workshop, at the Aragón Crafts Center and with other Aragón ceramists in their workshops. We have also participated in the association “B de Barro” and in the Universidad Popular

Why is it called Robin Ceramica?

The name “Robin” is due to the fact that part of the family is called Robinson. They have Irish roots and they are natural redheads. Robin, as you know, has a red breast. It is a friendly bird that we can see during the winter in Spain and summer in Ireland.

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