Robin Cerámica

Original and exclusive ceramic accessories



bracelets and keyrings

Exclusive handmade ceramic accessories

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keyrings and other items for both sexes made with one or more ceramic pieces set with leather, cord, silver, so that you feel special in daily use. Each piece is unique, exclusive and unrepeatable and makes it an original complement.

Characteristics of ceramic accessories

The different collections of our accessories are based on motives, decorations or colors inspired by the moment. For each collection we make ceramic pieces that will later become Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keyrings or other accessories. 

Set according to the occasion with leather, suede, cotton, silk, silver or zamac laces. Also in some cases they incorporate pieces of other materials. 

We present them in a black cardboard box with foam, to highlight their beauty and originality. If you are looking for something exclusive, here you will find the complement that best suits your personality. We are inspired by what we like and we are not subject to passing fads, so if you want to highlight your beauty, you will surely find an original and exclusive accessory at a very affordable price.

How is it done?

The pieces we make for our accessories have impressions of symbolic reproductions, Mudejars, Celts, Hindu in some cases. At other times the shape is given to us by nature with leaves, seeds and we also use cutters of various shapes. Once the pieces have been fired so that they can be enameled on both sides, we use a handmade clothesline as can be seen in the photograph. In this way the pieces do not stick to each other.

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