Robin Cerámica

Robin Cerámica

We are a craft ceramics workshop located in Zaragoza
We do personalised work for our clients
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We carry out ceramic workshops

Robin Cerámica is a craft ceramics workshop located in Zaragoza. At Robin Cerámica we create artistic objects with their own personality tailored made for our clients. We also do workshops, participate in fairs, competitions and exhibitions. We like to transmit and share with everyone the passion for ceramics and we invite you to enjoy with us the experience of creating. Many of our works are personalised for each client, we adapt each order to the technique that we believe best defines it and we try to transmit our love for ceramics in each one of them.

Adornos Navideños - Navidad 2020-21-

Personalised gifts

Any event is a good event to give a very personal ceramic gift made exclusively for you. Would you like to promote or give a small detail which identifies you with your business or your brand? We can personalise a souvenir with your logo or an original stamp, your name, a date, in the form of a magnet, tray, bowl, pieces with volume, etc.

Ceramic blog

This is a blog dedicated to artisan ceramics and everything related to it. In it, we want to share our experience, we want to transmit our passion for ceramics, give the opportunity to bring this Art to all those interested, making them enjoy different creative works, artistic techniques, zoom in on production processes and see the evolution of a piece.

What is Ceramic? Art or Craft

Ceramic has a perfect mix of ancient technique and innovation. The Ceramics that we develop is artisan, completely manual, perfected after many years of work, learned from mistakes and simultaneously arisen from our imagination and creativity. 

Ceramics is located within the world of Art, but it is also located within the world of Crafts and manual work. Ceramic is defined as the Art or Technique of making objects made of clay, earthenware, porcelain by the action of heat. 

The artisan ceramists mold the pieces with their own hands one by one, making them unique and unrepeatable creations.

Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery and Ceramics are two similar and complementary words that encompass craft activities. The word Pottery comes from Arabic, while the word Ceramic comes from Greek. The first refers to the Art and techniques of clay, while the second refers to burnt substance and extends to earthenware, porcelain or terracotta.

For us, the words Ceramic and Pottery collect all the ancestral tradition of manual work carried out with different clay, whether modeled by hand, on a pottery wheel or with small molds, made with the hands and with the heart and fired in an kiln with different temperatures that gives it the necessary resistance and durability.

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