Robin Cerámica

Soap dishes and ceramic artisan trays

Glass and Ceramic

Original soap dishes and ceramic trays.  They are very resistant and stoneware handmade with recycled glass and enamels with a wide range of colors.

Characteristics of ceramic trays and soap dishes

We usually make trays from 8 cm to 20 cm in square and rectangular shapes. Also with leaf shapes with enamels of colors close to those of nature. You can adopt any shape since you work modeling the clay itself and you can add small decorative elements, names or symbols. 

They are made of a very resistant material, they do not chip and remain unchanged over time. And yet the texture of the glass and the enamel is always very smooth. It can be washed with a sponge and soap. 

It has multiple uses, such as soap dish, pin tray, as a decorative jewelry box. It is also suitable for food use.

How is it done?

First we make the tray with the desired shape and size. Once it is dry and hardened we put it in the kiln for the first time, reaching a temperature of about 1000ºC. Once the piece is fired, we glaze it or cover it with broken glass from different colored bottles. We put the piece back into the kiln where it melts at a temperature of more than 1200 ºC adopting to the shape of the container.


Soap dishes and ceramic trays in our shop

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